Ramez group managed to build their success on the base estimation of customer interest and agents and paying attention to their preferences and tastes, by offering goods and services: Miscellaneous and marked by high quality and competitive prices, what made it occupies a prominent place to all, and excels other companies with a rapid spread and high growth.
The two companies ‘’ Ramez Global ‘’ and ‘’ Ramez industrial ‘’ has contributed especially in creating an advanced competitive position for Ramez Group at the global level.

Our Values

The luxury of customers:

It is the basis of our steps and the compass of our directions, as they are our partners in success and development, therefore, to achieve their requirements and desires of purchasing with the variety of goods and services and less price and high quality, pre-sales and after-sales services.


We always strive to achieve “Total Quality” in our companies, by adjusting the duty cycle and lifting its efficiency, Integration of group companies humanly and technically and logistically, provide the needs of the business branches from our industrial companies, and local and global partners, taking into account the quality of goods from the source, and its prices should be competitive, and finally the good offer and the elegant dealing with costumers.

Social Responsibility:

Our way of cohesion with the homelands and the elevation of human, and through it we gain more confidence, so our goal from the beginning was not just only for profit, but also taking into account the social and human dimension, through our work and dealing system, and our support to the activities of charities and the aiming national programs for human uplift.

Building National Economies:

An integral part of our business philosophy, effective partnerships and continuous opportunities for work, bearing in mind every expansion of our activities depends on partners and local developers we provide to them opportunities to deal with us on a large scale, and then help them to raise the quality of their products and increase its spread by offer and good marketing, to compete with international products.
As well as our group is attracting, with its great potential, many existing competencies in Arab countries and its international environment, and provide job opportunities for thousands of young people, with the development of their skills and their experience with continuous training Internally and externally.


A principle we work with and an aim we seek it, to achieve the satisfaction of all customers and clients, so in the Ramez Group we spare no effort in motivating employees to perform the highest level of efficiency and determine the functional role to each of them based on his special skills, and upgrading these skills to reach a perfect performance, also we depend on the principle of review and careful follow-up for each of our business in order to avoid any deficiencies may occur, with benefiting from everything new in the artistic and technical and skill field.


A value accompanies us in the quality of the product and its price and the plenty of available goods and services, post and pre-sales services, and our distinctiveness with some goods and services that are not available in other companies, that meet the actual needs of consumers.


The origin of our dealing and the secret of our growth and upgrading it and with it we can gain the acceptance In all circles, we are always working with full transparency, and full respect for the laws of the countries that we work on its territory and full account of the specificity of their societies.

Team spirit:

Our starting point to sensor responsibility and achieve success and active, continuous work, there are a set of values and standards that controls the workflow, everyone knows it and work with it, and clients see it in all departments and sites such a pulse of life, as the integration of roles do not conflict, and the work team fit and do not compete, and this is a hallmark of our group.

Innovation and development:

A path of creativity that does not stop, reaching the best at all levels, we have a specialized department for research and development that do a great effort to get the latest ideas and the theories and applications that elevate all the work within the group, as elevates foreign relations at all levels.


A special hallmark of our transactions and businesses, when we pledge we meet our commitments in time and place, we present customer interest and appreciate it, we take care of every possible detail that we see can achieve their satisfaction.