“RAMEZ INTERNATIONAL” … values and responsibility



“RAMEZ International” and its successive successes were not just a coincidence, but it’s a result of effort, planning, and upscale basic principles initiated by the group before more than thirty years, it achieved continuous growth and diversity in the business, and reached a high position in the eastern hemisphere. “RAMEZ International,” Over the past years, was able to spread in the Arab Gulf and several Arab and Asian States, construct and opening of 21 branches, planned to be up to 90 branches through this upcoming years, which activities include: retail, industrial production, and real estate, system of work relies on the technical and artistic development, and the development of worker’s skills, whose count is more than three thousand employees. We have built our success on the basis of social responsibility, away of monopolistic competition, and goals include: to serve wide audience, and to contribute in building the economies of communities in which we operate, and to achieve the maximum possible quality in the goods that we are offering- in selling and production to satisfy the largest section of consumers and customers. With the expansion in the domains of our business, we look forward to a true community partnership, to provide the needs of the largest possible number of people, and provide the expertise and competence available on a wider scale, which lead to best integration with local companies of countries in which our branches and our factories are spread, and then establish a significant contribution to the progress and growth of the economies of these countries. Our most important distinctiveness factors are accurate knowledge of consumers needs, and our reliance on scientific studies to the preferences, tastes of customers, the nature of markets, the philosophy and the laws of economies that we are dealing with, that’s why we are taking calculated steps further in our development and in the diversification of its activities and achieve its deployment on a global level. Not far from our ambition to be the biggest and the best cosmopolitan in the near future, which is why we welcome any initiatives that develop business and satisfy our customers and provide all their needs physically and morally. “RAMEZ International “deserve to be in the front, and this is what we seek and working to achieve.