Vice Chairman

“RAMEZ INTERNATIONAL” … values and responsibility


The activities and products of “RAMEZ INTERNATIONAL” is no longer just “A yell in the face of high prices”, but surpassed it to establish a set of consumption and Production values, which is rarely found in commercial and industrial groups of our competitors, Including: ‘’serving the public’’, ‘’social responsibility’’, ‘’build national economies’’,’’ perfection and excellence’’and ‘’continuous progression’’. The most important value that we should preserve is “public service”, where we should provide their needs at a reasonable price and high quality, while ensuring all their rights which are known globally. Our abilities help us to turnover goods from production areas to the consumer directly. The group also contributes in a lot of projects, events and sponsorships that promote communities, and achieve the objectives of “Social Responsibility.” In “building national economies” field, “RAMEZINTERNATIONAL” is providing new markets and branches, and is expanding in the field of import of goods and products that meet the actual needs,and offers enormous potential marketing, and provide job opportunities for thousand people, and improve their performance with continuous training, and encourages efficiencies, which contribute to the sustainable development of these economies. “Perfection and Excellence”, is gained by the best service, prices’ competition, level of quality and cleanliness of the product displayed beside its modernity, which achieves customer satisfaction and confidence, as for our partners in success career. From the other side, we always focus on administrative, technical and technological development, and providing the best quality and integration between our groups, in order to achieve a difficult equation, which is to enhance our competitiveness and economizing in operating expenses, and allows us also to have access to new fields needed by the public. Our ambitions are unlimited, guarded by our values, which we have established since the beginning, and we will continue to preserve it and support it, not only for the money, but also for a contribution of developing the societies and improve the wheel of production, and provide a better life for their children. We hope that “RAMEZ INTERNATIONAL” will be the first destination for all, by allowing goods and products that meet all needs at a reasonable price and by guaranteeing quality and high gustation.